Only password cannot protect your Smartphone. Secure it with other alternatives as well.

Nowadays everybody can easily apply the password on their smartphone and they thing that with this their data and personal files cannot be accessed by anyone else but here you are wrong because many of the smartphone nowadays providing different type of options for security purpose and you should be able to use them. We are getting these feature for security and privacy only. So, why not to use them we are saying this because most complicated password are also can be hacked easily. Their are lot of alternatives lets discuss them

Facial Recognition It is one of the best technologies which invented for security purpose. The Smartphone camera is use to click a picture of you and save it .So, whenever we use to open our phone or it has to be open by someone else then it will ask for facial recognition. Once it will authenticate your face then only you can or someone can enter into the phone. There are lot of android and Ios Smartphone available in the market which provides best facial recognition.

Finger print sensor – User find it very easy to handle this feature as it requires to only touch the back sensor and by recognizing your finger print you are able to unlock the phone. Most of the applications also enabled this feature for security purpose. Phone is having optical scanner by which this process can be done. It captures the image of finger print which converted digitally and saves in it.

Iris scanner – It is the new feature in the market in which with the help of user eyes the mobile will be unlocked. This is the type of a biometric technique in which the retina of an eye is scanned. There are different patterns available in the blood vessels of retina which present in eyes. So Smartphone scans it and save it. In future whenever you scan your eyes Smartphone will detect the pattern and unlock the phone.

Voice Recognition – This is also a great method but people find it not so good in use because sometimes it has been found that Smartphone doesn’t accept this the technology behind this is that it collects our voice and convert it into digital samples and then saves it. By giving command to your phone it will detect your voice message and can be unlocked easily.

Want to watch free movies. Then download these 4 apps.

Best Hollywood Movies

If you love to watch movies then this information is going to be very useful for you . First of all there  lot of individual present who love to see streaming videos on internet and companies are investing huge amount of money on online streaming platform like Netflix and Amazon prime as they know how much of amount they can get from here. But we will not discuss business thing here . We are going to tell 4 free application for you from where you can download or watch free movies.

MX player


You heard the name of this application as in starting this app was introduced to watch videos which was downloaded and saved in phone but now this application bring lot of changes with the time as of now it provide notification for streaming live videos online and giving access of watching web series, English movies, Hindi movies and south Indian movies.

Hotstar App


This application brings the TV serials and other small television stuff on mobile. The Indian audience generally watch cricket here .The subscription charges are very low. Here you will get the best recommendation of movies and webseries and you can watch them anywhere. Most of the movies are available free as well and if you go for subscription then premium is available too.



This application started with online selling of products in India but slowly they entered into entertainment domain and selling every-type of movies here which are related to Bollywood , Tollywood and Hollywood . So if you are waiting to watch your favourite movie then try this application. There is no certain amount of charges required.



Both premium and non-premium content will be available on this app . You will get some web series for free on this app, but for some films and series, you will have to pay 99 rupees every month. If you want, you can use it without subscription too.


Get the latest Realme 5i. As it is launched with low price.

Get the smartphone of realme and have world best experience within budget range as company just recently launched the model Realmi 5i. There is no big difference in this series of realme. This gadjet got quad rear camera with only one variant which is 4GB+64GB.

The price range is similar to the Realme 5 . As, in starting they use to take 8,999INR for Realme 5 and for Realmi 5i they are going to charge the same amount from us. This phone got screen of 6.52 inches of screenwith full HD Display. The phone is available with chipset of qualcomm snapdragon665 with coloros and android 9. Camera spec is also good as 12 megapixels provided at back, 8mega pixel wide angle , 2 megapixel of protected lens and 2 megapixel of macrolens is available. Battery is available with 5000 mah with support of 10 W charger. If you really love this design and specs just buy it.


Xiaomi going to launch smartphone with 7 cameras.

There are lot of best camera phones in the market but you have not heard about this Xiaomi pop-up camera smartphone. In the market you can easily see the smartphone having single, dual and triple camera. But xiaomi is preparing itself for something different. Soon they are going to launch a smartphone in which you are able to operate 7 number of cameras. Recently company launched the patent of this design and in that patent we can easily see the designing that how they cultivate this. Company has not revealed the basic feature and pricing till now. Camera establishment has been done in front where we are able to see 2 cameras and at the  back where we are able to 5 cameras.

Xiaomi is a company where we get number of smartphone in best budget range and each week they come up with newly launched model which got love from all over the corner. So for the next month they decide to launch Mi105G in which they provided the qualcomm 865G chipset. In this smartphone we are able to see the 108 Megapixel of primary sensor. Fast charging available with the 66W and OLED display can be provided in it. But, at the last we have to wait for the release of this model.


Xiaomi’s RedmiBook is ready to hit the Indian market anytime.

Technology going to be redefine this year because the famous Chinese brand Xiaomi going to launch it’s Redmibook in India this year. More than half of the Indian market is covered by Xiaomi company by their smartphone and smart TV and now they book trademark for redmibook.
Company decided to launch these laptop in budget range. They going to include gaming laptop segment as well in this scenario. The trademark which company has been filed can be seen on Indian intellectual portal. By, this it is totally clear that they are going to do something big.
Last year China launched it’s RedmiBook13 in China itself and this device got 13.3 inches of full HD display with i7 processor. The best thing about this is available with 512GB SSD and 8 GB ram. Graphics card is also available with NVIDIA MX 250.
Company takes full guarantee of 11 hours straight battery backup by charging it up with 65W fast charger. It can charge half of the battery in just half an hour. In China the price of this device is 4499 uan which is approximately near about 46000INR. So, if they launched this in India with a better pricing then there will be a greater impact in Indian laptop market.

Important tips before online grocery shopping – every user must know.

Do you not mind going out to buy vegetables. If you have to purchase groceries for your home but the list is too much and you know that you are not capable of handling all the stuff from supermarket to home then buying all the thing from online store is really a good option. So why to hesitate in buying groceries from online trusted store as it will save your time and a lot money as well. Buying groceries from online platform is hassleless task. This doesn’t require a high shopping skill. Here we will discuss some important things which you need to have before buying. So just be with us for  a while. In the online market there is chances of getting coupons and offers on grocery items every hour , day or week as it depends on sale as well. Online shopping is very easy if you keep your eyes always open.

3 benefits of purchasing groceries online

  • We get a very good quality of products as they deliver a fresh quality of items on time at our home.
  • Thinking to buy more than a certain amount like 500Rs then there would be no delivery charges at all.
  • Main benefit of online grocery shopping is that you will get a lot of offers and deals daily which will surely going to  save your money in long run.

Things to do

  • Just decide or plan what you want to buy or what is the thing at your home required most. Just make the plan and start browsing it in the application. As the application arrange all the grocery item in such a manner that user will understand the arrangement of things in it and it become very easier to choose. There is no need to find the trolley and roam from one corner to another.
  • Do check the different types of grocery stores online the famous one are bigbasket, grofers peppertap and a lot more. You have to do your own homework if you want to know which online store gives a best service in your area.
  • Keep checking the rates online and don’t feel shame in doing comparison from one online store to other online store. You will get a enough amount of idea of rate difference by just comparison only.

Here I am going to tell you about the best websites to get grocery coupons and deals online.


This is the online platform which is provided by the Indians and for the Indians sounds like democracy. That’s great . At this website you will be getting different types of household items and daily need products at best rate. Grofers avail the coupons as well to provide flexibility in shopping.


This online selling site is a leading online store where people are enjoying and buying more than 1000 stuff from here daily. The BigBasket brand is promoted by best actor shahrukh khan in India. And this website develops a good trust in it.

How to buy Home grocery in just 3 steps

1. First of all you need to download your grocery application or come to us for better deals in grocery.

2. Second step is to add your basic account information and don’t forget to add delivery address in it.

3. Then select the categories which you are looking for and add them to your cart the rate are totally similar to the local markets. So, no need to worry about the list of things because they categorized them according to your need.


JBL Week sale is out. Only 6 days are left! Hurry up

As we know music is not for certain type of mood but any type of mood deserve a special type of music so Amazon bring this week an awesome sale for it’s users. If you are one of them who really love music than you should go for the JBL speakers as they are available at half rate. This is the best opportunity to take away the bluetooth speakers of your choice and set the mood for any occasion.

JBL week has been started from 3rd January and it will be last upto 9th January. This sale got name of JBL week sale and all the music lovers do check out this sale at Amazon because they are giving heavy discount of 50% straight. If you miss this you will have to regret later. If you are already member of Amazon then you will get amazing casback on buying online. You will get 5% of cashback from Amazon pay. Product are available on no cost EMI for 12 months and if your purchase is of 2500 then you will get 300 JBL voucher. You will get offers on  each hour, day and week. So don’t wait and get one for you. If you want to take advantage of this sale click here.

Just look into these 4 things only before buying any Smartphone

As of now you can easily come to a point that smart phone is become too important for you . But, before starting let us get talk about how serious we are for purchasing the best smart phone. May be your phone is getting hang, battery is running out very fast, not responding when you are picking up the call or any other difficulty you are facing. Here I am going to give you the perfect guide for picking the latest smart phone in Indian market and yes, let me also tell you that India is second largest market of selling smart phone in the world which is a positive sign.

Going with the brand

Consideration of brand name in mind makes you go longer with your Smartphone. As with the help of popular brand in India people can easily remember the name. Company like Samsung is doing really good in the market from last couple of years. But, don’t look to be much more dependent on brand itself as there are other factors too.

Processor is the King

Most of the guys like me and you do not even think about the load which is getting over this electronically designed chip. The generation has been passed away where people not giving important to this basic specification .The processor is acting like backbone of any smart phone. The series of snapdragon processor in Indian market is good option and if you want to purchase it then go for the versions above of snapdragon 650 as they will give good quality of working experience.

Life of the battery

Smartphone company consider to take Li-ion battery as they work very best between 50%-90%. There are lot of myth for battery protection. People give advices like if you do this battery will last for hours or days and many more. But, the main factor for looking into battery efficiency is just see that it should be at least of  4000 mah or above because this minimum range has been tested perfect for any smart phone. The other thing which you need to care is of how much hours you spending in gaming on smart phone or online streaming because these considered as a heavy task. You should keep off them from task manager or it depends upon you smart phone specifications.

Camera purpose

In this case you need to do a little bit of research or homework. You need to find out which type of camera you want is there any necessity of it. Once you got the requirement which is totally depend on your daily tasks you will easily understand. So, like if you are a photographer then I will recommend you to choose best camera smart phone from the market. Companies like one plus, Xiaomi, vivo,Samsung and many more introduced their best smartphone with triple camera in Indian market.

Gather all the above requirements and list them down on paper or in digital format. Now decide your budget . As you also think about the best budget phone which suit your pocket because you don’t want to regret later. Indian smart phone market is full of variety of options. If you are looking for cheap android smart phone under 10k then there are companies waiting for you.