Just look into these 4 things only before buying any Smartphone

As of now you can easily come to a point that smart phone is become too important for you . But, before starting let us get talk about how serious we are for purchasing the best smart phone. May be your phone is getting hang, battery is running out very fast, not responding when you are picking up the call or any other difficulty you are facing. Here I am going to give you the perfect guide for picking the latest smart phone in Indian market and yes, let me also tell you that India is second largest market of selling smart phone in the world which is a positive sign.

Going with the brand

Consideration of brand name in mind makes you go longer with your Smartphone. As with the help of popular brand in India people can easily remember the name. Company like Samsung is doing really good in the market from last couple of years. But, don’t look to be much more dependent on brand itself as there are other factors too.

Processor is the King

Most of the guys like me and you do not even think about the load which is getting over this electronically designed chip. The generation has been passed away where people not giving important to this basic specification .The processor is acting like backbone of any smart phone. The series of snapdragon processor in Indian market is good option and if you want to purchase it then go for the versions above of snapdragon 650 as they will give good quality of working experience.

Life of the battery

Smartphone company consider to take Li-ion battery as they work very best between 50%-90%. There are lot of myth for battery protection. People give advices like if you do this battery will last for hours or days and many more. But, the main factor for looking into battery efficiency is just see that it should be at least of  4000 mah or above because this minimum range has been tested perfect for any smart phone. The other thing which you need to care is of how much hours you spending in gaming on smart phone or online streaming because these considered as a heavy task. You should keep off them from task manager or it depends upon you smart phone specifications.

Camera purpose

In this case you need to do a little bit of research or homework. You need to find out which type of camera you want is there any necessity of it. Once you got the requirement which is totally depend on your daily tasks you will easily understand. So, like if you are a photographer then I will recommend you to choose best camera smart phone from the market. Companies like one plus, Xiaomi, vivo,Samsung and many more introduced their best smartphone with triple camera in Indian market.

Gather all the above requirements and list them down on paper or in digital format. Now decide your budget . As you also think about the best budget phone which suit your pocket because you don’t want to regret later. Indian smart phone market is full of variety of options. If you are looking for cheap android smart phone under 10k then there are companies waiting for you.

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